VersaLink® Cash Management Solution

  • VersaLink reports real-time data from VersaSafe using your smart phone or any web enabled device, giving you complete remote monitoring abilities anytime, anyplace. 
  • VersaLink monitors the cassette capacity and can be set to notify your cash-in-transit service for a pick up when needed.
  • VersaLink can determine the overall health of individual components with the option to notify your repair service representative of a specific equipment fault or error


  • View cash levels, both validated and dropped, in order to optimize visits
  • View, print, and save personnel, shift, and end-of-day audits
  • Update VersaSafe software and bill validator firmware remotely
  • Manage user accounts and VersaSafe settings
  • Dispatch technicians via text message or e-mail notifications
  • Determine the overall health of the VersaSafe and individual components

Putting these tools in the hands of the customer increases the customer's ability to monitor and control their VersaSafe and their cash management system as a whole.

See how VersaLink can help you manage your Triton ATMs and Smart Safes.

  • Real-time, Web-based
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Management
  • Increases Transparency
  • Take control of your cash audit trail
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The reporting tool allows the user to evaluate their data quickly using a variety of pre-programmed filters based on transaction, date, user, etc so that you end up with a report that you need. Reports can be either printed or downloaded to import into your preferred accounting software to document the following events:

  • Bill Acceptor Close Report
  • Cassette Close
  • Day Close Report
  • Deposit Report
  • Drop Close
  • Pickup Close Report
  • Transaction
  • Trial Cassette Close


VersaSafe transactional data can be communicated with financial institutions in a number of ways – from obtaining data directly from VersaLink to generating a custom file for each financial institution.