VersaSafe® - Effective Cash Management with Smart Safes

CIT Benefits

  • Revenue from hardware sale; monthly service and monitoring agreements
  • Optimized pick-up schedule; increased armored car business
  • Potential to gain ATM service and cash business
  • Remote real-time access to cash positions
  • Brand and market VersaSafe as your own product

Operational Optimizations

  • Optimize your CIT operation with dynamic monitoring
  • Route Planning efficiency
  • Text/Email alerts coincide with pick ups or any other chosen event

Why Triton VersaSafe®

Triton has been making the highest quality ATM machines for 30 years. Now, we've applied our 3 decades of extensive experience and expertise to the development of affordable, retail friendly, cash security and cash management systems.

By using smart safe devices and sophisticated intelligent remote monitoring software you can offer merchants  an opportunity to overcome the challenges and expenses associated with cash purchases and traditional cash management.

The VersaSafe can be paired with a powerful web-based monitoring system, VersaLink®, that allows users to keep track of their safes, either from a computer or via iPhone and Android applications.