VersaSafe® with VersaLink® – Smarter than your Average Safe

VersaSafe Financial Institution Benefits

  • Differentiated service for current and new customers; customer retention tool
  • Adds more value to merchant account program
  • Revenue generator for the provisional credit service
  • HW lease revenue potential
  • Free-up teller traffic
  • Branded program potential

Integration and Private Branding

If you already have a back office or monitoring system, Triton can develop an API to allow the VersaSafe to integrate seamlessly into your existing organization. Equally, VersaLink can be re-formated with your institution's online corporate design and style for private branding opportunities.

Provisional Credit

Accelerate the credit of funds with provisional credit

Provisional credit can reduce the float time associated with cash deposits to about 12 to 24 hours. With provisional credit, once cash is deposited into the VersaSafe, deposit data is transmitted to the financial institution, typically once per day. Provisional credit is extended to the retailer even though the funds securely reside within the VersaSafe, providing the retailer almost immediate access to their funds.