Merchant Benefits with VersaSafe

  • Spend less time counting cash and more time on the sales floor
  • Place the burden of personal safety in the hands of professionals
  • Optimize armored car service relationships
  • Reduce internal and external theft by securing cash quickly with fewer touch points
  • Automate the cash trail
  • Generate an audit trail with visibility at the clerk/cashier level
  • Faster access to cash
  • Remote, real-time access to cash positions among multiple retail locations

CIT - Benefits

  • Revenue from hardware sale; monthly service and monitoring agreements
  • Optimized pick-up schedule; increased armored car business
  • Potential to gain ATM service and cash business
  • Remote real-time access to cash positions
  • Brand and market VersaSafe as your own product

Operational Optimizations

  • Optimize your CIT operation with dynamic monitoring
  • Route Planning efficiency
  • Text/Email alerts coincide with pick ups or any other chosen event

VersaSafe Financial Institution Benefits

  • Differentiated service for current and new customers; customer retention tool
  • Adds more value to merchant account program
  • Revenue generator for the provisional credit service
  • HW lease revenue potential
  • Free-up teller traffic
  • Branded program potential